Pumpkin for good !

  In October, spring OR autumn are my favourite seasons of the year. Nature shows off, different facets accorded to where we are in the world: on the one side the leaves, red, orange and gold falling from the trees and making a multicolours coat on the ground, on the other side the sun is warmer and the day longer. Another … Continue reading Pumpkin for good !

High Intensity Pilates

Watch the video / Regardez la vidéo - Here ! / Ici ! This year has been full of exciting adventures and discoveries so far. However, one of the most beneficial in term of health was the bring some High Intensity Pilates (HIP) into my daily routine. I know it sounds silly, but since I have discovered this … Continue reading High Intensity Pilates


Dear lovelies, EN - One of the objective in my life, is to always actualise myself. In other words, continuously searching for a better version of who I am: awareness, meditation and consciousness, all contribute to my inner journey. As I was looking for inspiration on YouTube, I found a very exciting video about the power of the … Continue reading Inspiration