Entertainer launch party


How can an event not be successful, when it starts with a pink drink? That’s how the launch of The Entertainer App 2018 started on Monday, 4 of December.
Friendly smiles, happy faces and gorgeous people that night, were added to the glass of Pink Lady Gin that my handsome date offered me. It happened at the Cape Town Comedy Club, a magical location hidden behind the Food Market of the Waterfront. Therefore, it was with a very excited mood that my drink, my man and myself  made our way inside.

It is not without surprise that I recognised a couple of Instagram influencers that I have been following such as Tracey-Lee from fitnessgirl_za and Sarah Silva from ashortgirlsworld. We found our way to our sits, which were right in front of the stage, how exciting? There, we met the lovely Tharaah from raahcozy and her boyfriend. During the whole evening, we got served delicious food and our tables were always full of wine (thank you Spier, your wine is always a good shot).

It got even better when The Entertainer 2018 was presented. I have talked about it in previous articles such as Just a weekend away . However, let me give you more insights: it is an application to download on mobile phones, which offers incredible deals. Indeed, its particularity is “buy one, get one free” and it works for many things like restaurants, hotels, wine farms, spas and activities. In addition, the 2018 app offers even more discounts in retail, fashion and certain services (yes, apparently you will be able to take your pet for grooming) ! Finally, it only costs R400 for the whole year, which is a bargain knowing the amount of money you can save.

I still have marks from what followed the presentation. Seriously, my abs have never been stronger than after watching the three comedians hosted by The Cape Town Comedy Club . The show was incredibly funny and being in front of the stage added to the magic.

After getting a taste of what 2018 is going to be like, I am so excited to be January to start using my vouchers and will be sharing those deals on social media in order to inspire you ! Meanwhile, thank you The Entertainer for having us for an evening cruise !

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