What is it to be an expat?

Exactly three years ago, I was arriving in South Africa and, as much as I have been embracing this journey, to be an expat is not as easy as it can sound. Therefore, here is five things I would have liked to be advised on before moving on the other side of the world. I thought it will be useful … Continue reading What is it to be an expat?

#1 Who am I ? Reason or guts ?

I’ve always been someone pragmatic, who listens more to reason than the guts. “Listen to your guts” they say. Do you know where the gut is? What is fascinating is that, throughout the recent years, scientists have discovered how much the gut is connected to the brain. Today, the intestines are even called our second … Continue reading #1 Who am I ? Reason or guts ?


Dear lovelies, EN - One of the objective in my life, is to always actualise myself. In other words, continuously searching for a better version of who I am: awareness, meditation and consciousness, all contribute to my inner journey. As I was looking for inspiration on YouTube, I found a very exciting video about the power of the … Continue reading Inspiration