What is it to be an expat?

Exactly three years ago, I was arriving in South Africa and, as much as I have been embracing this journey, to be an expat is not as easy as it can sound. Therefore, here is five things I would have liked to be advised on before moving on the other side of the world. I thought it will be useful … Continue reading What is it to be an expat?

#2 Who am I? Comfortable with my body ?

I have a strange relationship with my body My body and I have always had a love / hate relationship, and unfortunately it hasn’t started yesterday. Long story short, high school was not the best time of my life. I started it with a “hormonal – freshly teenager – rebel” personality, which was fragile and … Continue reading #2 Who am I? Comfortable with my body ?


Dear lovelies, EN - One of the objective in my life, is to always actualise myself. In other words, continuously searching for a better version of who I am: awareness, meditation and consciousness, all contribute to my inner journey. As I was looking for inspiration on YouTube, I found a very exciting video about the power of the … Continue reading Inspiration